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How do I become a Consultant?

What becoming a Consultant really means

The decision to become a Consultant comes towards the end of your personal and possibly life-changing weight loss journey. It marks the beginning of a journey that not only sees you find your true self but allows you to take complete control of your professional life and career prospects.


However, if you have not used Cambridge before and a career in weight management is of interest to you, please contact Head Office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

It’s a great opportunity to change your working life and to run your own successful business, to be your own boss and to work the hours that suit you, your family and your circumstances. Whether you choose to work from home, from a business premises or become mobile — it is all down to you!

Obesity and being overweight is now one of the biggest health issues in our society. The weight loss market is growing every year. We are living with a national obesity crisis but together we can help change that situation!

So what really makes a great Consultant?

People skills

  • Good listener and communicator
  • Professional and punctual
  • Supportive and motivational
  • Confident and friendly manner
  • Interested in weight management

Business skills

  • Well organised
  • Good at planning
  • Some sales skills
  • Focused/determined to develop a successful business

Hang on, isn’t running your own business all a bit daunting?

Doing anything new on your own can look like a big hill to climb, but that’s the beauty of becoming a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant. You’re never on your own. To apply to become a Consultant in the first place, you need your existing Consultant to Sponsor you. They will help you set up a consultancy of your own and will be there to help mentor you every step of the way.

If you have never used Cambridge before and you are interested in the weight loss industry, contact Head Office and we will put you in touch with a local Consultant who will be your Sponsor, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 965 295 746 or 952 475 954.

Hilary Stokes – Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant

"My life has certainly changed since I was fortunate enough to become a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant!


Before becoming a Consultant I was very busy managing my family-owned hair and beauty salon, as well as working as a beautician. As a lifelong dieter, I was keen to try Cambridge Weight Plan and loved it from the start. I initially dropped two dress sizes and found the diet very easy. I loved the products, they were all delicious and I felt healthy and full of energy. Best of all I lost it in the places I needed to lose it and it stayed off! I decided I had to spread the word.


Cambridge is a fantastic company to work with. The first thing that struck me was how caring they are. They ensure the Consultants are thoroughly trained and supported by medical teams, and they are also constantly conducting new medical research into obesity and other related health issues. There are loads of great things about being a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant. I can work when and how much I want and am able to choose my own goals. It’s the perfect job to fit around any lifestyle.


I love making a difference to my customers, sharing my knowledge of Cambridge Weight Plan and helping them to lose weight, not only to help them reduce in size but to look and feel better about themselves.


It's not an easy job, but it is so rewarding! I love exploring different ways of motivating my customers. I have a good relationship with all my customers. They are all different and need to be treated as individuals, no broad brush treatment with Cambridge! They do all have one thing in common, which is a desire to lose weight and improve their lives and confidence! I am lucky enough to be someone who can help them on their journey.


This year, to top it all, I have been awarded Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant of the Year! It's a wonderful thank you for the work and enthusiasm with which I approach my job!"

So you have decided you want to become a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant?

What’s the next step?

Just like the very beginning of your journey with Cambridge, the first step on this road starts with your Consultant.  If you do not have a Consultant, it will start with Head Office.

Now that you have experienced how well Cambridge Weight Plan works, as well as the level of support you received while following Cambridge, now’s the time to help others on their journey as you embark upon a new one of your own.

So if you think you have what it takes to become a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant, please speak with your Consultant or contact Head Office — we’d love to welcome you on board.

Welcome to the next step of your Cambridge journey!


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