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A Day in the Life of a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant

It’s 6am and I am up with my mug of black coffee and start by having a few quiet minutes checking my email account and my Messenger. If it is a matter of a simple reply then I will do so there and then, otherwise I will leave it until the afternoon, which is my admin time.

I am based at the golf club 3 days a week, but today is my mobile day so off I go to see my clients. Each client I see has a 20min allotted slot. I weigh and measure and then spend the rest of the consultation time checking on their welfare, setting or re-assessing weight loss goals, reviewing medications (where necessary) and just going through anything which the client wants to discuss regarding their weight loss journey. I also hand out rosettes or certificates for each stone lost which really helps inspire the client.

Later in the morning I have a special 1 hour appointment for a new client as there is a lot of information to go through plus I need to complete a medical assessment form. I take before photos, which nobody likes (until they have lost weight and they see the after photo!), as well as weighing and measuring the client.

New starters and clients

Each new client receives a starter pack consisting of a Steps Booklet (which becomes their weight loss bible), a weight and measurement record card, my own tailor made information sheet plus nutritional info sheets.

I finish seeing my clients today by 2pm, so its home for lunch and then the afternoon is mainly admin time.

Firstly I will reply to any email enquires or messages regarding Cambridge Weight Plan. Today I have to submit a medical enquiry form to my Medical Team regarding a potential client as they have a heart condition and I need to get their medications checked off by HQ.

I then send any follow up messages to clients who have asked questions during the morning, or just a message to see how a client is doing, and how their day or week is going so far. It is good to check in and say Hi so they know you are here.

I also check in with my diabetic clients to check their sugar readings for the day, as diabetics need a little more attention to ensure they are within safe sugar levels.

Slimmer of the Year

At the moment I am preparing to submit my client entry for CWP Spain's Slimmer of the Year, so I complete the necessary paperwork and then mail it off to my Director. I also email my colleagues on the Costa Blanca and Almeria as we are setting up a regional working party with a view to taking Cambridge forward in our areas.

I need to set up all my social media posts on a daily basis, which include Facebook posts, Instagram and Twitter and I schedule them all to be posted the next morning. I usually share inspirational posts, or any of my clients before and after photos, or any other health based information/links which I think are interesting or educational.

Keeping in touch with clients

I also have my own secret group for all of my clients, where I also share motivational posts to keep them focussed, or I share information about new products or recipes they can try. I also congratulate any recent weight loss achievements made, as I find being part of a group is inspiring plus it’s good to have people with the same common ground to communicate with.

During the afternoon clients send through their product requests for the following day, so I box up the orders and get them ready for the morning. Once orders are done I do a stock check and then phone Dan in the Head Office with my order which is delivered within 24 hours.

I then get a polite reminder from the lovely Martine at the Costa Calida Chronicle to remind me that my article is due. I write an educational health article for the mag once a month.

It’s then time to walk my dogs, relax, have dinner and appreciate what a fantastic job I have!

 Mel Lay is an Accredited Cambridge Weight Plan consultant. If you have any enquiries call 673162695 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or check out her Facebook page for more info.


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