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Tips for feeling and looking great on the beach this summer

Summer in Spain is fantastic with hot days, balmy nights and lots going on. Long days spent on the beach, by the pool, or at the waterpark are incredible – unless you’re self-conscious about your weight. If you lack body confidence and don’t like your shape, then these wonderful summer activities can feel like torture and you probably just want to hide away until winter rolls around again.

Here at Cambridge Weight Plan Spain, we understand your struggles with weight and body confidence and want to give you some tips, tricks and tools to feel the best you can this year. We’re also here to help you with your weight loss journey, so by the time summer rolls around again you will be rocking a bikini and won’t be able to wait to show off your results. Read on for tips for beach body confidence, or click here to find your nearest consultant to start your weight loss journey today.

Beat the bloat

Often we look and feel fatter than we actually are because we’re bloated. Bloating is often caused by beans and carbs particularly bread and veggies like onions, garlic, mushrooms and broccoli, so reduce your intake of these when you have to hit the beach. It’s also caused by big meals, so eat smaller portions during the summer and make sure you chew it well to aid digestion. Cut out fizzy drinks which introduce carbon dioxide into your gut and can bloat you. Last but definitely not least, drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Read more ways to reduce bloating.

Choose the right style

If you are feeling self-conscious, choose a bikini or swimsuit style which makes the most of your best assets and camouflages the areas you don’t like. Ruffles can hide a larger middle and diagonal shirring gives the illusion of an hour-glass figure. Use a deep neckline to focus attention on a fuller bust and high waisted bikini bottoms to tuck in your waist. Try a tankini or even a swim dress design to give some more coverage and choose some cool, flattering beach coverups to feel comfortable and look great.

Prepare your skin

Exfoliate, shave or wax and moisturise to leave your skin soft and smooth and ready for the sunshine. Try a fake tan to boost your confidence if you haven’t wanted to get your bikini on yet this year. Drinking plenty of water will make your skin look great too!

Strike a pose and enjoy!

Stand up straight and tall and focus on having a good posture to look your best. Smile and have fun and try not to worry, just make the most of this precious time.

We hope these tips help you to have a great time on the beach or at the pool this summer and removes some of your worries about how you look. However, if you don’t feel comfortable at the size you are, or you feel that your weight is affecting your health and limiting your enjoyment of life, then it’s time to take control.

Summer can make us look long and hard in the mirror and decide to make a change. If you feel like this, there is a team of Cambridge Weight Plan consultants here in Spain, ready to help you reach your goals. Our scientifically proven and NHS approved diet has helped millions of people lose weight quickly and safely and has been shown to effectively tackle obesity. Our one-to-one, tailored, long term approach to healthy weight loss and maintenance can really work for you.

Find out how it works on our website and contact a consultant near you to start your journey to being healthy and looking fabulous today.

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