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Tips for getting party ready by December

The countdown to the Christmas party season is on, and for many people struggling with their weight it can be a tough time. We are all expected to glam up and enjoy the party with our friends and colleagues, but if nothing fits, or you don’t like the way you look then it can feel hard.

If you know that feeling, we challenge you to break the cycle and do something different this year. You have three months to beat the bulge, shed some pounds and be ready to rock the dance floor – that’s plenty of time to make a real difference, so make a commitment and work with us to reach your goal and look fantastic this Christmas party season.

Preparation - Start as you mean to go on

1. Set an ambitious but achievable goal that you want to reach by Christmas and write it down somewhere visible
2. Take pictures of yourself and take down your vital measurements so you can track your progress and stay motivated
3. Find someone who you can trust to help you with your journey and be your buddy to keep you on track. If you don’t have a friend or family member to do it with you, contact our consultants and we’ll give you all the support you need.
4. Go through your cupboards and throw out the junk and replace with healthy, nutritious alternatives.

Step 1 – A strict one to three-week detox and low-calorie diet

Starting your diet with a very low-calorie diet for a short time is a great way to break the cycle of overeating and start seeing results fast. There are many different ways to do this, from intermittent fasting, to soups and fluid only diets, or meal replacements. However, it should be done with supervision and ensuring you are getting the right amount of nutrition to keep you healthy. With the Cambridge Weight Plan this is achieved in Step 1 of the plan, where you enjoy high nutrition, low calorie Cambridge products and break bad habits. Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids at this time.

Step 2 - Eat healthily and add in exercise

Once the most extreme phase of your Christmas countdown is done, you should start to slowly add more calories into your diet. With Cambridge Weight Plan this is Step 2 and we up your calorie intake to 1,000 calories a day, combining healthy, real food and our nutritionally balanced products. This helps you to learn about healthy eating and at this stage you can also start to exercise. While you are on restricted calories go slow and steady, try to walk more and do gentle low impact exercise such as swimming. There is also lots of great exercises you can do at home and we have some great tips for you on our website.

Step 3 - Build up your calories and bump up the exercise

If you are hitting your goals and feeling good it’s OK to increase your calorie intake of healthy and nutritious food. This is Step 3 on the Cambridge Weight Plan and a combination of two products per day, plus healthy meals.
At this stage take a good look at your body and what areas you need to work on. Try to exercise four times a week and choose high energy exercise such as aerobics, jogging, swimming or dancing to help you burn off the fat. Mix it up to work muscles in all parts of your body, and do things that you enjoy to maintain motivation. If you prefer to work out at home, there are loads of great fitness programmes on YouTube to try and often you only need a mat and a towel to burn calories and get rid of those unsightly rolls and bulges.

Step 4 - Maintain your focus right to the end

By now, you should be looking amazing and nearly ready to get into that outfit of your dreams, and you’ll be able to slowly up your calorie intake. However, you’ll also have hit December and this time of year is a killer, with lots of drinks parties, snacks and chocolates in the office. Don’t fall at the last hurdle, try some simple switches and exercise your willpower to see the results you deserve!

Tips for staying focused over the festive period

  • Take in healthy snacks and homemade lunches into the office so you’re not tempted by the snacks
  • Drink at least two litres of fluids every day – often we eat when actually we’re thirsty
  • Try to minimise your alcohol intake and choose lower calorie options such as gin and slim line tonic or prosecco, which are relatively low in calories. Alternate a glass of water with each alcoholic drink. It will cut down the calories and ease the hangover too.
  • Eat at home before you go out and take nuts, seeds and fruit, or protein bars with you to snack on and avoid picking up an unhealthy snack.
  • Eat treats in moderation – It’s ok to have a chocolate, or a piece of cake from time to time, but have a small slice, or just the one chocolate and savour it, rather than stuffing down the whole packet.

The Christmas party – pamper yourself, make an effort and enjoy the spotlight

You have worked so hard and if you’ve been following this strict diet and incorporating exercise over three months you should notice a big difference. Go and treat yourself to a new outfit which shows off those curves and get pampered at the salon so your friends and relatives really notice the difference. Enjoy the results – you deserve it.

If you’re ready to start your journey to a fabulous new you in time for Christmas, the first step is to find your local Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant.

Our consultants are on hand to guide you through your weight loss journey and their one-to-one support significantly increases your chances of success. Our 5-step program is nutritionally balanced and developed by nutritionists and doctors to make rapid weight loss achievable and safe. We have helped thousands of people around the world lose the weight and keep it off and can have you looking a million dollars by Christmas.

Find your nearest consultant and contact us to start your Christmas countdown now.

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