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Gary Perryman Weight Loss Story with Cambridge Weight Plan

concursante Clive Kershaw

BMI: 25.34

My name is Gary Perryman, I'm 55 and have always been very fit and active due to work and golf; that was until I decided to take early retirement back in 2018 and move to Spain.

Gradually I noticed my weight was creeping up. I began getting aching knees and hips and my clothes began getting tighter. After watching my wife shrinking before my eyes, as she lost weight on The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan (and subsequently becoming an Independent Consultant) I decided to try the diet out on a 7-day challenge, which the local Consultants were running.

I started on plan in July 2020, and to be honest it was a bit of a shock to the system but I found the flexibility of the plan perfect for my lifestyle and the peanut bar became a favourite to have in my bag while playing golf. Before I knew it the weight began to fall off and I lost 18lbs (8.2kg) in the first week.

I was blown away at the ease of it all but the biggest shock was the amount of energy I had. I had been worried that my energy levels would be low due to the low amount of calories you have on step one but once I had got the first couple of days out the way I felt great.

What started as a 7 day challenge turned into a 30 day challenge and now it's our normal! I reached my target in September and having lost 2 stone 7lb (15.9 kg) I now enjoy a healthier lifestyle, have no more aching bones and I'm able to walk round 18 holes of golf instead of taking a buggy.

I’ve even managed to get my Consultant (who happens to be my lovely wife) some new clients after my golfing buddies saw, not only the difference in my appearance but in my golf game too! I couldn’t have done it without the 1:1 Diet and the support of my Consultant/wife. Between us we've lost 7 stone and can now look forward to a healthy future together in such uncertain times where your health couldn't be more important.

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