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Jaime Salazar Weight Loss Story with Cambridge Weight Plan

concursante Jaime Salazar

BMI: 31

I am a father of a family of 3 fantastic children and married to a wonderful wife. I was born in Bolivia, but have spent half my life in the cosy and spectacular city of Marbella on the Costa del Sol with my family.

If it is hard for anyone to raise a large family, and in my case we can say that I have had extra difficulty as a foreigner, not only at a work level, but also due to the fact that we live far away from ourloved ones and the environment that we know. In addition, I have had an added load... MY EXTRA KILOS!!!!!!

I am a professional cook, and you can imagine the torture it was to fight with the heat of the stove whilst carrying the extra weight of my body. Every day was a tremendous struggle and physical effort because my obesity did not allow me to move freely or as quickly as I wanted to be in the kitchen. All of this frustrated me immensely.

I tried various diets, all to no avail. I did not last long doing them because they were incompatible with my daily routine particularly as most of them required me to weigh food and count calories ... I simply did not have the time or the desire to do it!

Until that is, I learned about this fantastic plan. My wife started on Cambridge Weight Plan with the help of our Consultant Jessica. Even though my wife was losing weight, at first I was quite reluctant and did not want to know anything more about diets!! But that all changed when I saw the good results of my wife.

My wife is usually inconsistent with diets, but with Cambridge Weight Plan it was different! It is a very convenient and quick method of preparing food and each meal is nutritionally balanced. You feel satiated and the best thing is that you can also combine it with conventional food, which as a good cook I delight in preparing. All this flexibility, together with the support of our Consultant who is someone always by your side, encourages you not to throw in the towel. Our Consultant and the Cambridge Weight Plan helped my wife successfully lose weight so in a little while I was the one who told my wife that I also wanted to start the plan.

My weight increased to 107 kilos during the COVID confinement but over the last 4 months, with the help of Cambridge Weight Plan I have already managed to lose up to 19 kg. My current weight is 88kilos and I know I still have something more to lose. I am working on it ... and I am sure I will achieve it!

One of the things I like the most about the Programme is how easy it is to follow. In fact, I have not even been to Step 1, and have always followed Step 2 or 3 simply substituting 2 meals per day with Cambridge Weight Plan products. The third meal is based on conventional healthy food that I can enjoy with the rest of my family. Almost without realizing it I am gradually losing and reaching the desired weight.

I am sure that I will never give it up, as I have discovered an ally to keep my weight under control whilst at the same time maintaining optimal nutrition for my body. As a chef, I can honestly say this plan works!

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