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Susan Heeley Weight Loss Story with Cambridge Weight Plan

contestan Susan Heeley

BMI: 28.5

My first grandchild Daniel was born on September 9th 2006. I was quite a heavy smoker and wanted to live long enough to see my grandchild grow up so a few days later I decided I had smoked my last cigarette. BUT unhealthy snacks became my cigarette substitute and by 2019 (four more grandchildren later) I had gained over 5 stones (32kgs) in weight, which of course was defeating my objective of becoming healthy to see my grandchildren grow up.

We retired to Los Gigantes, Tenerife in April 2018. It was very difficult to walk without getting breathless and the heat made my ankles and feet swell. I was very uncomfortable and miserable, and hated having my photograph taken. I was 5ft 3in tall (164cms) and weighed a very unhealthy 16st 8lb (105.6kgs), I needed help quickly.

I had belonged to other slimming groups and although the plans had worked for me, the weight loss was always very slow and I gave up too easily, regained the weight and put more weight on.

My daughter Kerry shared a Facebook post from her friend Julie Jenkins (a Cambridge consultant in the UK). I had heard of Cambridge so I contacted Julie for more information and decided to give it a go. I found my lovely consultant Pamela Wynn via social media and her advertising, who had herself lost a similar amount of weight as I wanted to lose, and was living proof that it could be done. Pam was my inspiration and even though I felt I had a mountain to climb and sometimes thought I would never get there, Pam encouraged me all the way and helped me to succeed.

I began the plan September 9th 2019, Daniel’s 13th birthday. This was significant as it was also the day I decided to stop smoking. Maybe it would also be a good date for me to start losing weight for good this time?

I instantly loved the plan! It was very easy to follow and the meal replacements are tasty and substantial. I really love that I can have chocolate as a snack; that really helps me. I am very lucky that my husband Clive is a fantastic cook, so with my protein and vegetable allowance sheet pinned to the fridge, he has made me some wonderful meals and has been a great support to me throughout. Cauliflower rice is my new best friend!

When I visit the UK, I order products from Julie so that I can stay on plan when away from home. I also take products with me when I travel or go out for the day; the bars are so convenient.

Of course I enjoy eating out too and most restaurants will accommodate me with my choices.
During lockdown, I continued to receive my products by post and found it easy to stick to the plan. While most people were gaining weight, I was still losing!

It’s wonderful to try on clothes that I know will fit and look good on me. Previously I was wearing a UK size 18/20 and now after losing 30kgs I am a size 12. I have a whole new lovely wardrobe and I love having my photograph taken!

I am so proud of myself. I am a completely new woman. I feel fantastic! I am happier and healthier; no more breathlessness and no swollen ankles.

I’ve just had my 64th birthday but people say I look 10 years younger...…………….and my grandchildren say I look ‘amazing’! I am now living the dream, being healthy and enjoying watching my grandchildren grow up. Thank you Cambridge

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