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Yvonne Myers Weight Loss Story with Cambridge Weight Plan

contestan Yvonne Myers

BMI: 24.8

I have used The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan twice in the last 4 years to successfully lose weight after my pregnancies and the birth of my 2 beautiful daughters, losing in total almost 60 pounds, all on step 2.

At the beginning of December 2016, shortly after the birth of my first baby daughter I decided that I needed to go onto a weight plan as soon as possible even though it was just before Christmas. I suffered with Kidney stones during my pregnancy and these were extremely painful and still giving me some pain and discomfort even after my baby was born. I found my Consultant through social media and because I was a fairly new mum with a 4 month old baby we decided the 1000 calorie level (Step 2) would be appropriate.

I was determined to put my weight loss goals first even though it was December, and it was my baby daughter’s first Xmas. Under my Consultant’s guidance I successfully lost weight over that Xmas period and was so focussed that I went on to lose a stone (6.4 kg) within 12 weeks. During this time I also had to battle against the pain from my kidney stone for which I was having treatment. At times it was very tough and could have easily thrown me off plan and into the mistake of comfort eating, but I kept going.

By the summer of 2017 I had lost almost 2 stone and (12.8 kg) and had found a level where I was happy with my weight. I could fit into my pre-baby clothes, so began working up through the steps and into the maintenance phase of the plan. I followed all my Consultant’s advice and tracked my food and calories successfully maintaining my weight UNTIL I fell pregnant with her second child.

My pregnancy and the birth were, again, very straight forward, but in the hospital my new born baby daughter stopped breathing temporarily and had to be revived by the medics. This drastically changed the months ahead for me and I developed PTSD/Post- natal depression and anxiety which at times was so debilitating that I could not drive or even leave the house, or be alone.

I kept in contact with my Consultant during this time and occasionally saw her because my mum is also a Cambridge Weight Plan client. On one particularly bad day when I couldn't leave the house due to overwhelming anxiety, and being unable to breathe, I made a decision and told my Consultant that I was STILL planning to go back on plan as soon as I had finished breast feeding. I did exactly that and at the end of May 2019 messaged my Consultant and arranged to go back on plan.

This is where the 1:1 diet comes into its own, I was able to get back on plan when I was eligible. The protocol would not allow me to be on plan whilst pregnant or breast feeding. When I started it was in the comfort and safety of my own home which meant I could start losing weight whilst I was dealing with my post-natal anxiety. Just me and my Consultant! With the privacy and support that I needed.

Once again I followed the diet to the letter following the advice and instructions I was given. This second time I had a little more to lose but even so, lost a stone (6.4kg) in 10 weeks, and was then back to my target weight by Xmas 2019. During this time, I was also able to deal with my post-natal depression and my anxiety progressively reduced during the year.
Once again I managed to not gain weight over the Xmas period and continued on to lose total of 30 pounds (13.6 kg) and revert back to my maintenance weight....just as the COVID lockdown hit Spain in April 2020

I didn't see my Consultant for 6 weeks during the lockdown but kept in touch with her by WhatsApp and phone. She kept me motivated not to use lockdown as an excuse to overeat or drink...and despite the stress and worry, I didn't. When we were given the freedom to move around I checked in with my of Consultant and she told me that I had kept ALL of my weight off, almost to the pound, and since that time I have been able to maintain at my “happy weight”. The COVID lockdown could have been a big trigger for anxiety and emotional eating but using The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan I managed really well and continue to feel and look great months later.

Even though I am at my target weight, I enjoy one product a day. This is because of the convenience of the products and as a busy mum I can ensure that every day I have a nutritious healthy breakfast, and can focus on the enjoyment of raising my wonderful young family.

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