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Your diet plays an important role in your physical and mental health

Healthy people, with strong mental and physical health usually have one important thing in common - good nutrition. We all know we should care for our physical health through proper diet and exercise, however, on many occasions this can be a real challenge. Our stressful and busy lifestyle makes our good intention of cooking a well-balanced, home-cooked meal every night hard to keep. Lack of time means that many days all we can manage is a ready meal, fast food or greasy takeaway.   

When you gorge on unhealthy food, you take in excess amounts of fat, sugar, and salt, and deprive your body of the nutrients and fuel needed to keep your body and mind healthy every day. The brain, like any other organ, needs the right nutrients to function well, so not only will your energy levels drop, but your concentration and focus can suffer too.

Why to use Meal Replacements?

To solve the problem of lack of time and convenience leading to unhealthy choices, nutritionists and experts have developed meal replacements. They are made to be as easy as grabbing a naughty snack, yet low in fat and calories and perfectly balanced to offer all the nutrients you need in an easy to prepare form.

We love meal replacements because they —

  • Are a complete and well-balanced, nutritious meal which takes great
  • Make it easy to control of the amount of calories in each meal
  • Remove the need to try to control your portion size, as its been calculated and portioned for you
  • Provide 1/3 of the recommended daily amounts of vitamins and minerals in each product
  • Are designed to really fill you up for a long time
  • Are easy to store and cook
  • Are always on hand at work, when you’re travelling, playing sport, going to an event, picking up your children, at the beach. Simply pop one in your bag and enjoy whenever and wherever you feel hungry

Thanks to all these benefits, more and more people worldwide are introducing “The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight PlanMeal Replacements products as part of the daily routine, to help them to achieve a healthy lifestyle, body and mind!


Our clients report the following improvements to their physical health —

  • Gaining energy and feeling more fit
  • Being encouraged to increase your daily activity
  • Improving their physical well-being
  • Losing unwanted weight
  • Managing the feeling of hunger when trying to lose weight


But the benefits don’t stop there! We see that starting the plan and using the meal replacements has a very positive effect on our clients’ mental health and state of mind. Many people say that they are so happy because the meal replacement products -

  • Allow them to take control of their eating, break bad habits and feel good about the choices they’re making.
  • Are so easy to add to their daily life that they help you reach your goals without any of the stress of calorie counting, portion control etc.
  • Give them a positive mindset as they have made a commitment to being healthier and are taking steps towards their weight loss goals
  • Offer an easy way to get back on track with your diet and start to be more healthy in body and mind


Top Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Our accredited consultants work with their clients to not only choose great meal replacement products, but also make better decisions throughout their life. They are there to support, guide and be a cheerleader to keep going, even when the going gets tough. As well as trying meal replacements, here are some tips from our consultants on how to have a healthy body and mind.

  • Stay hydrated
  • Make time for important relationships in your life.
  • Strive for balance in both your personal and work life.
  • Find ways to relieve stress, like physical activity and relaxation techniques.
  • Don’t let special events and holidays sabotage your healthy lifestyle.


Remember: Make your own well-being a priority: eat well, stay active and sleep at least 8 hours per day and you’ll be so glad you did!


If you’d like to try The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan products, your first step is to find a consultant near you, or contact us and ask for a recommendation in your area.  Your consultant will visit your home, or arrange to meet you to discuss your goals, any health issues and problems and recommend the right step of the plan for you. They will order your meal replacements, meet and contact you regularly to keep you on track and measure your progress. Together you’re so much more likely to achieve the results you want!

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