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Sandra Marsh Weight Loss Story with The 1:1 Diet


Over the years since having my children the weight has gradually increased , working most of my life in an office environment where I sat at the desk with little exercise didn’t help .

Sandra Marsh Weight Loss Story with The 1:1 Diet

In the U.K. the office policy was if it’s your birthday you bring the cakes and there seems to be a

birthday at least twice a week and my attitude was it would be rude not to accept a cake .

When we made the move to Spain i came with the mindset that I would eat healthier, get fitter and lose weight , then the COVID lockdown happened and instead of using this as a positive time where I could manage my food , instead I found myself eating more and buying rubbish so my weight ballooned to 17 st 3 lb which was the heaviest I have ever been .

I knew things had to change , I had an unhealthy relationship with food , once I start to eat I simply didn’t know when to stop and if I’m honest with myself I simply become greedy eating for the sake of it , I am what you call a grazer eating all day not huge portions but continually looking for the next food item .

My health was suffering , blood pressure , migraines , aches and generally feeling tired and lethargic not the feeling I wanted especially living in a hotter climate so I sat there one day cried while feeling sorry for myself eating a bar of chocolate and then thought enough is enough , I searched on line and was so pleased to find the 1.1 Cambridge plan , I had used similar products in the U.K. and although I lost weight didn’t really commit to making permanent changes so of course gained the weight back, but this time I was determined to make changes , I rang head office and felt welcome and supported even before I started on the plan , I was put in touch with my consultant Lea who talked through my likes , dislikes , health , triggers and agreed what plan I would use to get the weight off and my life back .

I started using 3 replacement meals and a 200 calorie meal each day , my preference is still more sweet than savoury so the bars are my favourite . Some days , weeks were easier than others but with the support from Lea I managed 1 day at a time , after a great day I would go to bed giving myself a pat on the back and the excitement of weighing each Friday and seeing results was giving me the motivation to keep going .

When summer arrived , I put a plan in place on how I was going to manage and enjoy my summer as we as a family like lots of BBQ,s and socialising during the summer months so I moved up to 1000 calories a day , some days 3 products and a 400 calorie and other days where I knew we had plans I would have 2 bars and allow 600 calories for the evening which worked for me .

So 4 stone 1 lb later where am I , well I am definitely feeling better both from a health aspect but also my mental state of health , I am now looking forward to life , I am still currently on plan and hope to lose a little more before moving into the maintenance stage , I recently went back to the

U.K. to see my family after 18 months , they were so shocked to see me looking so good , one of my grandchildren asked me if I had grown taller as I looked different , during the week I was back in the

U.K. I relaxed with my weight loss plan but tried to make good choices and eat healthier foods ,

there was a small weight gain when i returned home but this didn’t frighten me as I knew I would get

back on track and I did and have now reached that 4 stone milestone .

Life has changed in so many ways even clothes shopping , I could never go to the market and buy clothes as they were always too tight but now I CAN , although I still look at sizes and think these will be too tight but when I get them home and they fit wow what a feeling .

A fear for me when I was at my largest was flying the embarrassment of having to ask for an extension for the seat belt would make me anxious before flying which would result in bringing on my asthma , with this problem gone we have booked a return holiday to Kenya on safari , we have

been a few times so will be seeing friends who haven’t seen me for 8 years I wonder what they will

think of the new me .

So onwards and downwards is my motto I have even started playing netball after 40 years and swimming most days , I have signed up for a charity walk in Kenya in 2022 which will have its challenges but already looking at a plan to increase my levels of activity and fitness , I have always dreamt of climbing Kilimanjaro maybe now this can become a reality for me in the future , my options are endless wow .

I have always had pleasure reading people’s success story and I still can’t believe here I am writing my own success story with tears in my eyes but for all the right reasons .

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