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Mrs. G. Weight Loss Story with The 1:1 Diet


I had been struggling with a way to manage my weight without support here in Spain for some time, I had some success with meal replacement plans, healthy eating and exercise, also tried a local nutritionist, but I never really got to where I wanted to be weight wise, the progress was too slow, I found myself yo yo ing and dissatisfied with my progress.

Mrs. G. Weight Loss Story with The 1:1 Diet

An injury left me unable to exercise significantly that led to the weight creeping up further, which in turn made the injury worse. The final straw was COVID, and the first lockdown, March 2020, like many, I turned to comfort eating, found myself baking, cooking and eating foods that contributed to further weight gain. I was in self destruct mode, feeling rotten about myself and anxious about my health and my future. I had given up doing so many of the activities that I enjoy that make life fun and exciting.

I came across the Cambridge 1:1 Spain website at the end of January 2021 and I got in touch and arranged a chat with Marion. I started on February 14th, we decided I would start on Step 1 for 4 weeks, reassessing how I felt after this initial period. Marion kept in touch frequently these first weeks, making sure I knew I had other options available if I was struggling, and encouraged me along the way, I continued on step 1 for 13 weeks - with the intermittent recommended breaks on 1B, losing 20 kg, before stepping up and reintroducing food. By this point, with a good chunk of weight lost, I was feeling better, my injury was less painful and I was ready to increase my calories and start exercising more. It was fantastic to be able to get out and enjoy a bike ride again with my hubbie.

This second phase for me so far has been the most important. Marion encouraged me to track my calories and suggested using an app, I was dubious this would work for me, I have to say, it has been a real eye opener, I can see now where those empty calories snuck into my diet, precisely the ones that would sabotage my weight loss/management in the past.

Knowing what you are supposed to be eating is one thing but being honest about what you are eating is another, the app keeps me honest, I have stopped lying to myself.

I have re-evaluated my goals throughout this journey, that kept me motivated and focused. I’m still following step 2, 90% of the time. My BMI is now in the healthy range, but my current goal is to get it down a few points further, but I'm in no rush.

If I am going out for a meal, or we have had friends round, I simply give myself permission to have more calories on that day, it allows me to enjoy my social time within realistic boundaries, so that I don’t end up feeling disappointed in myself.

Once the meal, weekend, holiday is over, I return to step 2 and pick up where I left off. With no regrets and no guilt.

36kg lighter, I have come to understand that I am in control of my choices and that in turn means I am in control of my weight, I also know that I have the support of Marion, Hubbie, family and friends should there be hiccups along the way, which I am sure there will be, that is part of life, it is the choices that we make when faced with those obstacles that make difference, and that is something that is under our control.

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