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Marina Mew Weight Loss Story with The 1:1 Diet


When I met my consultant, Mel Lay, I was feeling desperate. I’ve always struggled with my weight, so much so that in 2014 I had bariatric surgery. I thought that was going to be the answer to all of my prayers. Over the years I’d tried so many times to shift the weight - hypnotherapy, Weight Watchers, Atkins, 5-2 and so on - but it was always the same story. I managed to lose some weight but eventually I put it all back on and more.

Marina Mew Weight Loss Story with The 1:1 Diet

When I had my stomach reduction surgery I was at my heaviest, 125kg. The operation seemed to work, at first, and I lost 25kg but after a couple of years my weight was on the up again. I was chatting to my sister one day and she said “why don’t you try the Cambridge weight plan?” She’d been following the plan in the UK and had lost quite a bit. I didn’t know anything about it but I went on the internet to see if there were any consultants near me and Mel’s name came up.

I didn’t hesitate. I got in touch that day and she got back to me inmediately. On my first meeting with her she was so friendly and reassuring but not at all pushy. I was very impressed. The fact that she seemed really interested in helping me, not just selling me products, was important to me. She explained everything and I was so excited about getting started that I went on plan right away.

The first week I remember being strange. I tried a few products that I didn’t like and others that I loved and tried to get my head around the fact that I wasn’t eating real food. I felt odd for the first couple of days but after that I started feeling really great. I had lots more energy than normal and I was feeling really positive. Every now and then I’d get a little message from Mel to remind me to stay on track and she checked up on me quite often. She was always so supportive and I know that she was the key to my success.

I lost 4 kilos in the first week and I was on a roll. The weeks flew past and it wasn’t hard to stick to the plan. I found my favourite products, oriental chili soup, chocolate shakes, caramel bites and my all time favourite - lemon bars! Mel helped me plan ahead for a trip to Ireland that I was going on with my chorus and I came back having lost even more weight and having had an amazing time. I started to understand that food didn’t bring me happiness.

In December I went to the UK to see my parents and my dad couldn’t stop looking at me. He kept saying “you’ve lost weight love. You look beautiful!” That made me feel so proud as I know my parents had been worried about me for many years.

I sailed through Christmas and by February I’d lost 20 kg. I couldn’t believe how easy it’d been and I was feeling amazing. Then my world turned upside down. In March we went into lockdown. I have my own business, a language school, so it was devastating. I was so worried about how I was going to pay my staff and my bills with no money coming in. We were in total lockdown for 8 weeks. I was worried about how I was going to get my products but luckily Mel managed to get them sent to my door.

The last couple of years have been very tough. Sadly I separated from my husband after 25 years of marriage and trying to get my business up and running again has been really hard but I’ve survived and I’ve managed to keep the weight off. I’m still on my journey and have a way to go yet but I know that I’ll be able to do it.

Mel’s help as my consultant was fundamental. She inspired me to become a consultant myself and I love it. One of my good friends who is diabetic decided to give it a go and we were both amazed at the results. Her blood sugar level went down so much that her doctor had to take her off the medicine she’d been taking for years.

I’m so grateful to have discovered the 1:1 diet. These days I have so much more confidence in myself. This has been life-changing for me.

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