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Anne Marshall Weight Loss Story with The 1:1 Diet


I have always carried weight – deliciously plump, as my parents would say! Of course we do know that is a euphemism for fat! I have diet previously and lost weight but in the most recent times, I found my job really stressful and my reward every evening was to have a long drink. As I

Anne Marshall Weight Loss Story with The 1:1 Diet

lived abroad I drank the local Dark Rum and Ginger Beer, a Dark’nStormy, which was delicious, however extremely calorific. When I arrived in Spain, the dark rum was not so easy to locate, I substituted it with Amaretto (desert in a glass) as my friend says. I really disliked cooking but a drink and some nibbles was my go-to after a long day at work. Then lockdown happened and, like most people I comfort ate to relieve the boredom.

By the time lockdown eased and we were allowed out I was being invited out, I struggled to fit into any of my clothes. The result was I made excuses not to go out … vicious circle. I was also watching the media reports of people catching Covid and the terrible consequences, particularly of those who were obese I realised I was in that category and it was very frightening. I had a friend who two years before had used the diet and lost weight. One evening I googled the diet and established that Marion Hughes had an advert on FB and I got in touch with her. She met with me very quickly and gave me some products right away, knowing that I was now desperate and ready to start.

As I mentioned, I do not like cooking and I knew I would be successful by having an eating regime that was not time consuming for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the soups and meals and it only meant boiling a kettle along with microwaving. I found it very easy. I gave up the alcohol and was very happy drinking lots of water and my coffees. My weight loss has been slow and steady but I am in my late 60s with an under active thyroid. Marion encouraged me along the way, showing me

the centimetres I had lost and after about 6 months encouraged me to take a Gin and Tonic as I had to learn to eat some normal food and have an occasional drink. She encouraged me every step of the way with helpful recipes and suggestions as I worked my way up through the STEPS.

I feel so good about myself now, what you can wear and how you look in clothes has a powerful impact mentally and I do feel more confident both in looks and in health. I able to do at least 8 km walking every day. The other thing that I find so useful now in maintaining is the Fitness app which Marion recommended as it is a log of how many calories I have consumed and a gentle reminder if I have taken too many or too few. I returned to Scotland for 9 weeks of the summer and am very pleased and proud to say I was successful in maintaining my weight loss proving that I can lead a happy healthy lifestyle which I am enjoying.

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