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How Nutritionist Expertise Supports a Dieter’s Journey



Maribel Burgos, Nutritionist and Trainer

On “Día del Diestista-Nutricionista” meet our in-house nutritionist and trainer Maribel Burgos. so important.

Hi Maribel, Happy Nutritionists Day! Why is having an in-house specialist like yourself so helpful to those who are following The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan?

Of course! A big part of my job is training our Consultants to assist dieters in achieving the necessary understanding of the 1:1 Diet programme to help them with their weight loss objectives - no matter how much weight they want to lose - large or small targets are more easily reached with close support.

It is very important to have a trained and experienced Dietitian and Nutritionist working alongside our consultants to give them the best possible support. I have been working in this field for more than 20 years, both for the National Health System and in the Private Sector in Spain and the UK. I have qualifications in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, as well as in teaching and professional development.

Why did you become a nutritionist?

I have always been passionate about, and committed to, everything to do with health and wellbeing. I played a lot of sports in my youth and so learnt a lot to ensure I was in peak condition but I really wanted to learn more. This led me to qualifying in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and undertaking many different courses in the field of nutrition. I also really like to help people and with my teaching training, I felt that being a nutritionist was a great way to combine that knowledge, passion and skills and make a big difference to people’s lives and change their approach to food.

Why do you think the role of a nutritionist is so important?

Because it’s a fact that we are what we eat! As well as simply being essential to giving us energy, food is so powerful that it can even be seen as medicine. In the UK, my clinical workload was based on providing medical nutrition therapy, used to treat diseases by tailoring the diet. It showed me and my patients just how important eating the right things can be.

Our role is important in a more general way too. Nutritionists help, encourage, motivate, and educate people on how to get the most out of their lives through a good diet. In our modern world, this support is more important than ever. According to the World Health Organization, obesity is “one of the greatest public health challenges of the 21st century”. Its prevalence has tripled in many European countries since the 1980s, and the number of those affected continues to rise at an alarming rate. This means the knowledge and skills of nutritionists are vital to turning the tide on this problem.

There are rising concerns over the health of the European population; with growing obesity levels and the health-related effects from poor diet evident right across the continent. In fact, there are so many factors contributing to the issue of obesity that experts, including nutritionists, medical professionals, and scientists must review this area and introduce new strategies to curb this problem.

We need to think out of the box to reach people that have been dieting all their life and are still dieting today, without being very successful. Support and weight management plans like The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan are crucial contributors to the fight against obesity.

As a Nutritionist, why do you believe The 1:1 Diet works so well?

This plan is based on the use of meal replacement products, which are consumed instead of one or more of our daily meals, as part of a calorie-controlled diet. By combining them with conventional food and following our 5-step programme, the plan facilitates and maintains weight loss

It has been shown to work in Spain and Worldwide by clinical studies undertaken by prestigious organisations such as Diabetes UK. It has also been included in a very large number of long running, first-rate clinical trials and investigations. These include PREVIEW, DROPLET and DiRECT trials, all of which used The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan products, as the tool for weight loss and maintenance for overweight and obese people, and found them to be highly effective.

These studies, the science behind the Plan, and the real-life success stories that we see every day and make me very confident in the Plan and proud to work for The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

You can find out more about the Plan and how it works on our website, or contact us to find your nearest consultant.

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