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Have a Happy and Healthy Halloween with The 1:1 Diet

Healthy halloween

More than ghosts and ghouls, Halloween is known for the sweet treats and sugar filled goodies. Whether you are a parent who is watching their weight, your kid responds badly to sugar, or you just want to teach healthy eating and nutritious alternatives to junk food, this article is for you.

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Healthy habits for families

It’s back to school time! Mums around Spain are getting books, backpacks and lunch boxes, checking shoes and uniforms and getting ready to return to the routine of the school year. This is a great time to establish healthy new routines and eating habits to ensure that the whole family are fit, healthy and eating the right food to provide the nutrition you all need. 

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Alicia Whelan - 2017 Slimmer of the Year Finalist

I have always been a stress/binge eater. Being in a difficult first marriage, having a challenging toddler and suffering from post natal depression with my second baby, I had plenty of stressful emotions to deal with during the early years when my weight problems began.

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Getting Started with your Weight Loss Consultant

Your weight loss journey begins by getting in contact with a Consultant in your area. Your Independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant is there to offer advice on Cambridge Weight Plan programmes. With personal experience of losing weight with Cambridge Weight Plan, your Consultant will provide support and understanding to help you reach your target weight and stay there.

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Tips for maintaining your weight loss over the festive period

Hello December! For most of us December is a great month, with excitement building towards Christmas, lights and decorations everywhere and lots of parties to enjoy. However, when you’re on a diet, this holiday can be a struggle. Every party and celebration seems to revolve around rich, high calorie food and alcohol and temptation is there at every turn.

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Tips for getting party ready by December

The countdown to the Christmas party season is on, and for many people struggling with their weight it can be a tough time. We are all expected to glam up and enjoy the party with our friends and colleagues, but if nothing fits, or you don’t like the way you look then it can feel hard.

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Tips for feeling and looking great on the beach this summer

Summer in Spain is fantastic with hot days, balmy nights and lots going on. Long days spent on the beach, by the pool, or at the waterpark are incredible – unless you’re self-conscious about your weight. If you lack body confidence and don’t like your shape, then these wonderful summer activities can feel like torture and you probably just want to hide away until winter rolls around again.

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Can a crash diet help to beat type 2 diabetes?

Four obese volunteers with serious weight-related health issues, including type 2 diabetes, go on a total diet replacement programme for the BBC's "The Big Crash Diet Experiment" and give up real food, surviving on a very low calorie soups-and-shakes diet. The programme features department researchers Professor Susan Jebb and Professor Paul Aveyard, who provide expert advice on crash diets throughout the duration of the experiment.

Martine McCutcheon talks about Cambridge Weight Plan and her success!

Here's what Martine McCutcheon thinks about Cambridge Weight P...

Martine McCutcheon talks about Cambridge Weight Plan and her success! Are you thinking about losing weight? Find a personal consultant to help guide you on your weight loss journey at - amazing food products and professional support every step of the way! #diet #weightloss #lifestyle #goals

Posted by Cambridge Weight Plan Spain on Wednesday, July 5, 2017
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