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Getting Started with your Weight Loss Consultant

Your weight loss journey begins by getting in contact with a Consultant in your area. Your Independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant is there to offer advice on Cambridge Weight Plan programmes. With personal experience of losing weight with Cambridge Weight Plan, your Consultant will provide support and understanding to help you reach your target weight and stay there.

Although independent and self-employed, all Cambridge Consultants are trained and accredited by us. Our Code of Conduct provides clear and effective guidelines on all aspects of their activity, and the minimum acceptable standards of consulting. So you can be sure of receiving an excellent level of service.

Find a Consultant


Get in touch

Get in touch

Your Consultant will deal with your enquiry politely and efficiently. If you can't get hold of your Consultant straight away, just leave a voicemail, send a message or email and they will get back to you as soon as they can.
Before you start

Before you start

After a relaxed and professional screening interview, your Consultant will complete a Personal Record Form (PRF) with you before supplying any products. You will be advised to see your doctor before starting the Plan. If you have a particular medical condition, you are taking certain medication, or you have a high BMI you may need a doctor's signature before your Consultant can start you on any programme. Your Consultant will keep track of your progress at each visit on your Personal Record Form and keep your records confidential and safe.
Starting the Plan

Starting the Plan

At your first face-to-face meeting, your Consultant will weigh and measure you and then discuss an appropriate target weight with you. They will explain all the Cambridge Step programmes including the four stages of each weight loss programme; preparation, weight loss, stabilisation and long-term weight management, or as we prefer to call it, My Life. After discussing your personal circumstances, your Consultant will recommend an appropriate Step for you to start on. You will be provided with the Cambridge Weight Plan Steps Programme booklet and as you progress towards your target weight, your Consultant may recommend a change of Step. Even when you reach your target, it's important to continue to see your Consultant until you are confident you can successfully manage your new weight.
Keeping in touch

Keeping in touch

After contacting you during the first week of your weight loss journey to see how you are getting on, your Consultant will arrange regular meetings to weigh, measure and check your progress before providing further products.

Your personal Consultant will be there for you to help and advise you throughout your programme, answering any questions and offering support every step of the way.

Choosing your products

Choosing your products

Cambridge Weight Plan comes in a mouth-watering range of flavours and your Consultant will stock or make available the complete range of products so you can select your favourites.

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