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At Cambridge Weight Plan we offer bespoke solutions for weight control utilising a wide range of meal replacement products PLUS a one-to-one Five Step Programme which is tailored to each person in order to help you achieve a healthier weight and more importantly, to maintain the weight loss once it has been achieved.

The programme begins with a one-to-one consultation with an accredited Consultant, who will explain how the programme works and guide you through Cambridge Weight Plan’s unique, medically approved program and talk you through the different Steps that are necessary in order to lose and maintain weight loss in your individual case. Where you start on the plan depends on your goals, it is flexible and adaptable, and your consultant will work with you to tailor the plan for you. Your Consultant is trained by the Cambridge Weight Plan team to be able to support you to achieve the optimal results. Many have lost weight with Cambridge themselves and can inspire you with their stories and share their experience to maximise your chance of success. Our Consultants’ professionalism, experience and one-to-one support will help you to achieve your personal weight loss goals.

The 5 Steps of the Cambridge weight loss program

The program consists of 5 steps to achieving the weight loss that is right for you. These steps provide a range of daily calories, depending on your personal need. The steps range from 1,500kcal down to 800kcal daily (depending on need and personal preferences). Importantly, all steps provide a balanced, medically formulated Meal Replacement Diet and include the necessary daily intake of vitamins and minerals, as well as helping you to lose weight. Your Consultant will guide you through all the steps and will firstly help you lose the weight to reach your agreed “target”, after which your weight will be stabilized and thereafter maintained in the short and long term.

Cambridge Weight Plan products can be used to replace Each OF THE MAIN MEALS (STEP 1) in combination with vegetables, or by replacing some of the main meals in combination with healthy eating (step 2 or higher). Talk to your consultant about what’s right for you.


The first step towards your ideal weight: Main Meal Replacement Program.

This step also offers a minimum of 800kcal daily, but the difference is that Meal Replacement products are combined with conventional food.


Offers a minimum of 1,000kcal per day

This step is widely used for its perfect combination of Meal Replacements and conventional food to minimize daily calorie intake.


As part of the Step-up programme or as the Initial Step in which Meal.

Replacements are combined with conventional food to provide a minimum daily energy consumption of 1,200kcal.


As an initial, progression or maintenance

Step in which the minimum daily energy consumption is 1,500kcal (provided by combining Meal Replacements with conventional foods).


Target weight achieved and maintained.

Our studies have shown that maintaining weight loss with the Cambridge Weight Plan is possible over the short and long term. You will have broken bad habits and learnt lessons on how to be healthier, more active and eat the right food to feel and look great and you won’t want to look back!

* This Step has been used in numerous Independent Studies showing that weight loss and the subsequent maintenance can be achieved. Furthermore, these studies have demonstrated the benefits of weight loss using Cambridge Weight Plan for people with type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, cardiovascular disease or sleep apnea. The UK Public Health Service have been offering this option of weight loss through GPs since early 2019.

Contact your local consultant today to start your weight loss journey and decide which step is right for you.

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