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Cindy Hincapie Salazar

Starting Weight: 114kg

BMI Score: 45

Current Weight: 78kg

BMI Score: 30.5

Height: 1.60cm

I come from a family with many immigrants and all of our life has been a constant struggle. I remember my mother working from dawn till dusk to put a plate of food on the table (and even that wasn’t for her), meanwhile my father was away from home for weeks on end working in Orchestras which travelled from town to town.
I am the 5th of 6 siblings in a very self-destructive family with all the problems we have faced. From a very early age, I learned to face the difficult family situations and my anxiety with comfort eating. Finally I was eating enormous quantities of food to calm myself, right up to the point where I needed psychological help to control this.

When I was 30, I started to get a lot of pain in my hip, which was directly as a result of my weight, I suffered with plantar fasciitis in both feet and my knees were also at their limit. I couldn’t walk for long periods of time and climbing stairs was impossible because the fatigue was so enormous.

Finding clothes to fit, that were suitable for a young woman was also impossible and I started to get the feeling that people around me were feeling pity to see such a young woman not able to live a normal life. Until the day when something inside me clicked and I saw that I couldn’t continue along this path as my quality of life was terrible.
I knew about CWP through my sister, as she was one of the participants of the Preview study and I saw that her physical and mental change was spectacular but we did not find out how to get the products until we saw the Slimmer of the Year video from last year on the internet. My sister got in touch with the team from Pamplona and at the same time decided that she would also become a consultant for the plan with the primary plan of helping me.

I could not be happier! Cambridge is changing my life completely! And also, in the short time that I have been following the diet, I have had to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes, the pain in my hip and feet has vanished and I have finally been able to join a gym! I DON’T have the anxiety to comfort eat anymore which I know was killing me and my quality of life has improved in such a surprising way. Janeth is by my side every step of this wonderful journey and not just her, the whole team in Pamplona, are following my progress and ensuring that I keep on fighting for my goal.

THANK YOU Cambridge, without you, I couldn’t have done it. Also, I pledge to get to a healthy Bmi of 26 to qualify for the entry to the International competition. It is an additional motivator!

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