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Larry Lloyd

I was involved in professional football for 20 years and represented England at an international level 16 times. I then went on to manage and coach a team and obviously kept an eye on my weight and fitness levels. However, when I finished with football, I acquired three pubs and became very lazy with my fitness and diet. I knew my weight was creeping up but just compensated by buying bigger clothes.

There were a couple of things that made me realise I needed to do something about my weight. Firstly, I saw a photo of myself walking along the seafront in Fuengirola and I looked horrendous. Secondly, being a frequent flyer I found that I had to request a seatbelt extension, which was extremely embarrassing.

I have known my Consultant for several years and bumped into him in a local bar. I did not recognise him due to his tremendous weight loss. We got chatting and he explained Cambridge Weight Plan to me and I was hooked. We arranged a meeting so that he could go into more detail as to how it works and decided on a Plan that would best suit me.

Since then we meet every week. Despite my determination and commitment, there were times when I became a little disheartened but he was always there to give me support and encouragement.

I have lost a lot of weight but I am determined to keep going. My goal is to be at my playing weight.

I can do it because I know Cambridge Weight Plan works.





Start Size

137cm waist

Current Size

96.5cm waist

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