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Gena Moulton

I’ve struggled with my weight since having children. Like most people I tried each and every diet that came on the market, some with success and others with none, but the one constant was that as soon as I stopped, I put the weight back on again. It got to the point where I had to go for a pedicure just to get my toenails cut because I couldn’t reach them myself! My daughter-in-law started Cambridge, lost weight easily and looked fantastic. I was interested in the diet so went online to check it out.

Whilst on the website, I checked my BMI and was shocked to see I had a BMI of 41.5. I was 60 years old, size 24 and had to do something about it.

I sent an email asking if there was a Consultant nearby and was put in touch with Yvonne. At my first meeting I found her easy to talk to and very understanding. I came home with information, some sachets and a positive attitude. Yvonne put me on Step 1b, which I found surprisingly easy. I enjoyed the sachets, was not hungry and started to lose weight at once.

Suddenly I found myself feeling better. My clothes were getting too big for me, I had more energy, I could move easier and people were even commenting on my new look. My original goal was to get down to a size 18, but this quickly changed to a size 16 and now it has changed to a 14.

My life really has changed. I’ve planned a holiday to Egypt where I will be snorkelling and I don’t have to worry about fitting into a wetsuit now. So here’s to the rest of my slim and healthy life, and it’s all down to Cambridge. I am so glad I found out about this wonderful weight loss programme. It has been a life saver. Oh, and now I can cut my own toenails and paint them a very fetching red!





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