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Beverley Nash

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  • Almeria province, all of Spain

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    If you’re a lady of a certain age saying “I don’t know why I keep putting on weight, because I don’t eat very much” – I BELIEVE YOU! Because menopause changes everything.

    Even 10 years ago, I never thought it would.

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  • Local areas: Vera, Vera Playa, Las Buganvillas, Garrucha, Mojacar, Turre, Los Gallardos

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    I have battled most of my adult life with weight problems having tried almost every diet going then I discovered the Cambridge Weight Plan and have never looked back. I feel so well and have bundles of energy when following the plan. I am still "work in progress" so we can do this journey together.

    We look forward to supporting you with your weight loss goals, Call or WhatsApp today for your free consultation. Together we can do this!

    Sophie Hargreaves

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  • Almeria, Zurgena, La Alfoquia, Arboleas, Albox, Turre, Los Gallardos, Mojacar, Vera, Garrucha, And all sourounding areas
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    Hello I'm Sophie, having struggled with my weight until I found Cambridge diet plan around 10 years ago, I have since managed to maintain my weight relatively steadily and have lost in total over 10 stone.

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    Jane Chaplin

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  • Almeria,Arboleas, Albox, Zurgena, Alfoquia, Oria
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    I have personally struggled with my own weight for most of my adult life, with issues of over-eating, emotional and binge eating and, as a result, am able to empathise with my clients as I know exactly what they are going through.

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    Sharon Perryman

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  • Almería, Arboleas, Albox (Almeria)
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    If you are reading my profile you have taken the first step to a new you.

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    Victoria Jane Hart

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  • Tijola, Cela, Lucar, Purchena, Olula Del Rio, Albox, Seron, Caniles, Baza (Almeria)
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    Having always been interested in health and fitness, I had heard about the 1:1 Diet and how it can put Type 2 diabetes into remission through weight loss, I was intrigued and had to find out more.

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