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    When you decide that the time has come to lose the weight once and for all you have to find the right plan for you.

    Last June that was me, my head was in the right place, I was committed and determined that this time it was going to work. I had seen Gemma’s posts about Cambridge and contacted her. After our initial meeting, going through how it works, we set on a goal and the hard work began. Was it hard work, most definitely, and still is, it is all about changing the way we eat, it doesn’t mean we have to give everything up, you still have to live, but live healthier.

    Now in March, 9 months later, I am 34 kilos lighter, that’s 5 stone 4 lbs, and have gone from a size 20 to a size 12, I can’t remember the last time I was that size. I feel amazing; I can do so much more without getting out of breath and can shop in proper shops!

    Becoming a consultant means that I can now help you achieve the goals you are looking for. Whether you have a lot of weight or you are looking to lose a little for a special occasion I am here to help you through your whole journey, before and after

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